Where there is one fire ant, there are many fire ants. Fire ants can quickly take over your yard, making it difficult to be outdoors. These tiny pests travel in colonies of anywhere from 100,000 to 500,000 and reside deep below the surface. It can be particularly difficult to get rid of them due to the size of the infestation. Persistent infestations require advanced pest control treatment. Our fire ant control service will help you enjoy your backyard again. Contact us if you need fire ant control, general pest control, termite control, mosquito control, or bed bug control services for your home or business.

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Can Fire Ants Cause Damage?

Yes! Many people don’t realize how destructive fire ants are. They will destroy plants and vegetation as they consume them. This can lead to damage in your yard and ruin landscaping. Beyond that, they can cause damage to your home or commercial building. If they find their way indoors, they will build tunnels that can weaken walls and floors. They can also cause electrical malfunctions by destroying wiring and other electrical equipment.

Fire Ant Control Service and Prevention

Ants are one of the most common pests in Florida and Georgia. Given the vast number of these pests, it’s probable that they will find their way into your yard at some point. We want to make sure that does not happen. On top of pest control treatments, fire ant prevention is a great added measure to take.

Fire ants are attracted to dirt, mulch, and moist environments. Limiting these and keeping landscaping away from the base of your home will help reduce the risk of fire ants.


Do I Have Fire Ants?


Fire ants carry a unique set of signs that set them apart from other species. For starters, fire ant mounds are larger and flatter than other ant mounds. Fire ants operate through tunnels underground to stay cool. However, excess water forces the ants to the surface when it rains. That is a good time to inspect your yard.

You may notice an influx of ants you didn’t notice previously. Fire ants may be tiny, but they are mighty. They are more aggressive than other ant species and will not hesitate to attack when threatened. They quickly swarm the area to protect their nest if their mound is disturbed. This is another telltale sign that the ants in your yard are fire ants.

Will Fire Ants Come Inside My Home?

Fire ants are usually outdoor pests; however, they will come indoors in certain situations. They range from 1/8” to ¼” in size, making it easy for them to squeeze through even the smallest hole. Severe weather is one reason fire ants will move from the yard to your home. Rain and other disturbances draw them out of their mounds, searching for a safe space. They may enter your home to seek shelter or to forage for food. This is why cleaning any crumbs or spills when you see them is important. So, although it is not common to have fire ants inside, there are instances that will draw them indoors. Our fire ant control service, as well as our bi-monthly Home Guard Service, sprays the exterior of your home, keeping pests like fire ants outdoors.


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Fire ants are not ideal to have in your yard. They are aggressive, destructive, and frustrating. These invasive creatures can destroy your yard, hurt animals, and distribute a painful sting to humans. Treating these pests at the earliest sign of a colony is essential for making your yard a safe place. Our team will come in and determine the most effective plan to control ants on your property. You can trust us to make your yard a space you can enjoy. Contact us for a free quote and get started with a fire ant service plan.