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Monticello has it all: sunshine, great entertainment, excellent restaurants, friendly folks, and bugs. Yes, bugs like cockroaches, termites, and mosquitoes, some of which carry diseases, make your home or business uncomfortable. Luckily, Monticello also has pest control options from Captain Pest Patrol, a leading name in pest control services.

Pest Control Service in Monticello

From cockroaches to termites and every creepy-crawly in between, we eliminate them all -and keep them away- using state-of-the-art treatments. In addition, we offer free, no-obligation estimates if you need our services.

Termite Control

Termites literally eat you out of your home. Although beneficial to the ecosystem, termites massively damage homes, costing owners thousands of dollars in repair costs to remedy the problems. Our termite control service includes inspection and treatment, ensuring this pest doesn’t get the best of your home. It’s not just something we say: we guarantee our services.

Mosquito Control

We all hate mosquitos. This tiny flying insect is responsible for more deaths than any other animal. It bites, makes going outside without being bitten difficult, if not impossible, and may carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. All these reasons are enough to convince anyone residing in mosquito-prone Florida to seek protection. With our state-of-the-art mosquito control, you get back to life and the great outdoors without worries about mosquitoes biting you.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are primarily active during the spring and summer but can also be seen around homes during the fall. If the temperatures are in the 70s, ants may be near. Fire ants bite, and when they do, it hurts! Ants also damage the house and food, and other items inside. Luckily, our pest control treatments are designed to keep ants away from the backyard and the kitchen!

Bed Bug Control

This one may rank as the worst of the bugs that can infest your home. Bed bugs bite during the middle of the night, usually when victims sleep. They wake up to painful, swollen, and highly itchy welts on their skin. Getting rid of bed bugs also poses a challenge to many people who’ve lost sleep and have added fear due to the infestation. One call to Captain Pest Patrol, and you can finally sleep confidently, knowing that bed bugs are no longer sharing your space.

Residential Pest Control

With residential pest control, one size does not fit all. We believe in customized treatment plans based on the type of pest and severity of the infestation. If you are battling a pest problem, contact us for a thorough home inspection. Our experienced technicians will examine the infestation to provide the most effective treatment. Whether you notice signs of rodents or have fire ant mounds taking over your yard, we provide pest solutions that work. Don’t let pests control your life. Let us help with our innovative pest services.

Commercial Pest Control

Pests are a nuisance, whether it is in your home or office. They can get into the building through the smallest holes, yet they can cause big problems. In a commercial building, pests can destroy equipment or ruin products required for daily work operations. These problems can be treated with commercial pest control. Our experienced technicians provide top-of-the-line service that you can trust is getting the job done. With the importance of your company and your building, it is essential to rely on pest professionals for your pest control needs.

Why Choose Captain Pest Patrol?

Captain Pest Patrol services businesses and residential properties regardless of the type or severity of the infestation. We thoroughly inspect the property and ensure the right course of pest control treatment. We use the most advanced pest control products and treatments available, ensuring pest problems aren’t a problem at your place anymore.

It means the world to us when another customer books service with us. We dare not disappoint anyone who has put their trust, time, and money into our company. When you call Captain Pest Patrol, you’re calling the best pest control company in Monticello.


What We Love About Monticello

The people here make life enjoyable. Serving the needs of many wonderful families and business owners in Monticello is one of our biggest highlights. When we have free time, we venture out into the city and stop at any place that looks exciting. Daring adventures abound! With that said, we frequent the Ecological Museum in town with the family and, ever so often, enjoy eating at Rev Cafe Restaurant. You can also find us hanging at Wacissa River and down at Aunt Louise’s Farm on the weekends. Monticello never disappoints our need for fun.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.   How can I save money on pest control services?

First, avoid DIY products, which ultimately cost more than professional services. Schedule regular pest inspections and ensure regular treatments are part of your maintenance plan. Finally, always schedule service with Captain Pest Patrol to score some of the best prices in Monticello.

2.   Is it true that pests only infest dirty homes?

Unkempt homes make life easier for pests, and they do prefer them. However, even the cleanest, most well-kept houses can experience pest infestations for many different reasons.

3.   Why do businesses need pest control?

Dealing with pests is an issue no one wants, especially a business owner. The sight of pests can scare customers away, result in violations from the health department, damage equipment, and machinery, and cost much more money to treat. Businesses need pest control to keep their property clean, sanitary, and desirable to onlookers.

Local Pest Control

Captain Pest Patrol can answer your questions, schedule service, provide a free estimate, and more. So contact us here or call us at (850) 601-9171 when you are ready to combat pests.